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Costa Calma (Fuerteventura)

All images of this gallery were taken between June 5 and June 12 2023 at Costa Calma beach in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)). For artistic reasons (I believe that photos should speak for themselves) no captions are displayed together with the images, but by holding your mouse over the thumbnails for a second you should get a brief title caption displayed as a popup-tooltip.
All images were taken with a Sony HX99 compact camera (which comprises a 24-720mm optical zoom range (in 35mm equivalent)).

Costa Calma Beach

Rocky section at Costa Calma beach Costa Calma main beach Early morning walkers at Costa Calma beach Waves running up on Costa Calma beach View from southern end of Costa Calma main beach Costa Calma beach and sea impression

Crystal Beach Hotel

Crystal Beach hotel as seen from beach Sun loungers at beach near Crystal Beach hotel Palm trees near Crystal Beach hotel View of Costa Calma beach from balcony of Crystal Beach hotel Sun loungers at pool of Crystal Beach hotel Pool of Crystal Beach hotel as seen from balcony

Sotavento Beach 1

Sotavento lagoon at low tide Surfer walking across Sotavento lagoon Beach umbrella at Sotavento lagoon Sotavento lagoon at low tide Sotavento beach impression 1 Sotavento beach impression 2

Sotavento Beach 2

Sand dune near Sotavento lagoon Couple walking at Sotavento lagoon View towards coast from Sotavento lagoon View towards sea from dune at Sotavento lagoon Sea impression at Sotavento lagoon Lone parasol at Sotavento lagoon

Beach Wildlife

Wild pigeon at Costa Calma beach Chipmunk at Costa Calma beach Seagull floating in ocean Group of seagulls at Sotavento lagoon at low tide Group of seagulls at Sotavento lagoon at low tide Sandpiper at Sotavento lagoon at low tide


Two windsurfers at Costa Calma beach Two windsurfers at Costa Calma beach Windsurfers at Sotavento beach Kite surfer at Sotavento beach Windsurfers at Sotavento beach Windsurfer at Sotavento beach
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